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X (formally Twitter)

The FinTwit community on X is notorious for a lack of accountability.

Common Tactics

The most common strategies to obscure stock picks are:

Deleting Bad Picks

By far the easiest way to keep a pristine track record is to delete bad tweets. There are few ways to recover deleted tweets so there is little risk of getting caught. Many X accounts automatically delete tweets over a few weeks old out of precaution and because they have no intention of being held to account.

Playing Both Sides

A common strategy often combined with deleting bad picks; is to play both sides of a trade. Pairs of posts are tweeted, separating the pro's and con's into separate tweets; capitalizing under the cover of X's character limit. Once a outcome is known, the wrong side of the trade's tweet is deleted, only leaving a fully correct prediction.

Spam Bots

These play off of survivorship bias. Bot accounts with fake followers will make generic market calls in every sort of permutation.
It takes 2N accounts to make N perfect market calls, and X has 1.5 Million new accounts created every day.

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