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This is the modern media for the older generations: Boomers, GenX and Millennials.

Platform Characteristics

✅ Long Form Interviews and Discussions

Great insights and broad picture thinking presented in its entirety. In-depth, hour long discussions are generally better than 30-second clips to add the necessary context and present assumptions. But be weary of any interview that does not present both sides, remember Bob Farrell's Rule #9: When all the experts and forecasts agree-something else is going to happen. One-sided thinking is usually more harmful than it is helpful.

❌ Charisma and Sales-pitches

A great suit, large smile and projection of confidence is a time-tested method to sell ideas. Remember that guests do appearances to attract clients, and this shapes what they are willing to say.

❌ Complicit Hosts and Programming Agendas

The presence of a neutral host psychologically provides legitimacy balancing out the implied bias of guests. But this is an illusion and today's popular shows and networks are funded by sponsors, advertisers or clickbait engagement practices. It is also popular for guests to pay to appear on channels with large number of viewers as a form of PR for their services.

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